I wrote a script and now I’m ready to hold auditions.
I’m gonna upload it here as well. But you can find it here too


Night of Horrors

Demi Lovato

Nina Doberv - Elena - demi’s enemy

Zac Efron - demi’s boyfriend

Ian Somerhalder - demi’s ex

Jared Leto - ian’s friend

Demi’s stepped inside the house. She made her way to the kitchen and saw Zac there.
"What’s up?" Demi asked nicely
Zac looked at her with a disappointed face and said, “Look, I don’t wanna mess this up, but…”
Demi cut him off, “If you are gonna break up with me right now, then I’m…” the fact that Zac is going to break up with her slowly started to set in. Zac walked closer, “I love you, but I can’t take what’s going on outside the house.” he took a deep breathe out.
"Outside the HOUSE???" Demi yelled at him.
"What do you mean by that? I’m always there for you. I do everything you want." Demi continued to yell and point at Zac.
Zac kept it very mellow, “Get out.”
Demi was confused, like a hurricane hit and she didn’t know what to say. She was speechless.
"Go." Zac pushed Demi for her to go closer to the door, "I’ll send your stuff later."
Demi took a last look at Zac and walked out the door, she just, 5 minutes ago walked in oh so happily.

When she had stood outside for 10 minutes, Demi saw a man walking towards her. As he got closer and closer Demi recognized the man and ran to hug him tightly, not realizing he does not know she’s alive.
"Wow, Demi???" Ian said surprised and pushed her away.
Demi looked up to him while she was wiping her tears.
"Wh-hy you crying???" Ian asked surprised.
Demi is not that kind of person to cry about stupid stuff. “No, pffff.” She said sarcastically.
"Elena is missing." Ian layed out the problem as he was waiting for Demi to reply.
"I don’t care. Are you guys dating or something. Don’t you care about me at all?" Demi acted ignorantly.
"I’m sorry." Ian answered passionately. He grabbed her arm to make her walk with him.
"Look…" Demi was cut off by Ian.
"Do you know where she is?" Ian asked politely.
Demi took a look down and said numbly, “She’s with in her parents house.”
Ian smiled out of relieve and wanted to hug Demi, but didn’t.
Demi asked out of no where, about Jared, “What’s up with Jared?”
Ian raised his eyebrows and said, “He’s 38. By the way.”
"I know. Just asked. Don’t get mad. Bro." Demi tried to make it not so obvious by throwing in some gangster words.
Ian patted her back, “Yeah.” he nodded at her and said, “Bye.”
Demi was confused about Ian’s behavior. As Ian left she said, “Aren’t you gonna pick me up?” She walked on.

Jared walked into Ian’s house and marched right up to him. “You still owe me a favor.” He said madly as Ian stood up.
"I don’t… care." Ian said rudely and walked pass him. Jared grabbed his arm and yelled. "You need to fucking HELP ME!!!!" Ian gave him a look and ignored his talk. "I’m gonna punch you." Jared threatened Ian to get him to help him.
"Let go." Ian said and looked him deep in the eyes.
Jared release Ian’s arm and said, “You’ll regret this.” Ian watched Jared walk away slamming the front door.

Demi arrived at Elena’s parents house. She went in from the back door to make it safe. Demi searched the place for Elena. When she finally found her in her old room, she walked in confidently and said, “Ian says ‘hi’.” Elena startled and turned to face Demi. “Why do you wanna hurt me?” She asked fearing for the answer.
"I feel like it’s better not to know the reason why you’re wanted dead. Am I right or what?" Demi said boldly and walked closer to Elena.
"I went to your funeral and gave you a red rose." Elena was at the point, where she though she’s about to cry. Demi sat next to Elena, pushed her shoulders back and said, "I saw that."
Elena was a little confused. “How?”
Demi looked at her passionately in the eyes and answered, “I was there.” Elena was about to burst into laughter. “You must be so pathetic to visit your own funeral.” Elena didn’t realize it was wrong to say that. Demi grabbed a knife, that she had in her pocket and stabbed Elena. Elena fell on the bed. Demi took one last look and said, “Take’s one to know one.” She walked out of her room, down the stairs and out of the house. She saw Ian walking towards the house. As Ian saw Demi he started running. “What did you do?” He asked worried about Elena as he continued to ran inside the house. Elena had come to consciousness and sat there on the edge of the bed and bleed rapidly.
Ian ran upstairs and to Elena, “Oh, baby. I’m here.”
He said as he was wrapping a towel over the wound. Elena started to black out, but Ian didn’t let that happen. “I’m scared.” Elena said calmly while laying in Ian’s arms.

Demi stood outside the house, at the door. Jared drove in and walked up to Demi. “Is Ian inside?” He asked angrily. Demi looked like she’s seen a ghost. “Yes.” Jared said, “Thank you.” and started to walk in, but stopped and asked, “Is everything okay?” Demi answered deadly, “Yes.” Jared looked at her and kissed her. Demi was in to much depression to push him away. She kissed him passionately back.

Few days later Zac found a letter in his mail, it was from Demi. He opened it and read it.

"Dear Zac,

I love you, but I seems like you don’t care. The first day we met was in high school. I still remember the day clearly. You walking in and it all seemed like it was in slow motion. You were wearing a white V neck shirt and black tights jeans. In my mind I knew you were the one. I’m scared to be alone, it feels so weird. You know me, I’m not the one to apologize, but… I’m sorry.

You’re best friend since 2012.”

The letter pissed Zac off, that Demi didn’t see the relationship side of the story. Zac started to smash his house. Zac place his head between his arms and closed his eyes.